Life on board
What can I do on board? Despite best intentions, mast people  spend most of their time sipping their drinks and luxurating on the sun deck but for the energetic, we recommend water-skiing, snorkelling fishing and walking in the woods when your yacht is on anchor in one of many fabulous coves. And you can bring anything from chess to scrabble with you. Of course the gastronome can always do nothing but enjoy food on board or go shopping in local market when feeling energetic.

How can I dine on board?

Widely regarded as one of the three great kitchens of the world, Turkish cuisine impresses visitors with its meticulous preparation, the use of fresh ingredients, its surprising contrasts and its unerring balance of composition.

Famous for its rich variety of dishes and superb blending of spices and herbs, Turkish cuisine offers an even greater gastronomic pleasure because it has evolved from the different civilizations and cultures that have inhabited its land during its 10,000-year history.

At the start of a meal it is customary to say to your fellow-diners ” Afiyet Olsun” which means “May what you eat bring you well-being”. To compliment the cook for a delicious meal, one says “Elinize saglik” or “Bless your hands”. On your Blue Voyage, your personal yacht cook will prepare for you each day a full Turkish breakfast; this will include fresh eggs cereals and yogurt, bread or toast, jam and marmalade, fruit juice, fresh fruit, tea and coffee.

A typical Turkish lunch or dinner will usually begin with a soup or a selection of “meze (hors d’oeuvres), followed by the main course with seasonal vegetables, dessert and fresh fruit. And of course, no meal would be complete without the chance to savor at leisure a  “Turkish coffee” !

Lunch and dinner will be taken on board or ashore (seldom) according to the itinerary.

Your captain will be able to suggest places to eat from five star restaurants to local bistros depending on where you are.

And the crew will assist you in shopping in the local markets in case you wish to cook on board. They are also there to help you with washing the dishes.

Drinks are available on board for a small fee.

How far affield can I go?
It all depends on how much time you can spare for your vacation, what sort of yacht you can charter, and your inclination.

Under normal circumstances, with only a week you could cruise from Fethiye to Kekova via the Aegean islands; or from Fethiye to Marmaris and back; or from Bodrum to Fethiye; or from Fethiye to Antalya. Two weeks would enable you to travel from Antalya to Fethiye via the Aegean islands. To cruise from Antalya to Kusadasi, you would need 3-4 weeks.

Below, you can see a map showing the Turkish South-Eastern coast.

Other Facilities

We would also be pleased to arrange any extras you may want because we would like your holiday to be as little trouble to you as possible.We can hire a car for you at any of the major ports you visit. You can have tickets booked for local events of interest.
We can arrange accomodation at motels / hotels should you wish for such a change during your excursion. We are also prepared to help you with transfers to your yacht from wherever you may enter Turkey. Please notify us of any extras you may wish to specify when reserving your yacht, to give us time for arrangements.


Each of our yachts is professionally crewed by a highly experienced Captain, a cook and either one or two shipmates depending on the size of the yacht. Our crewmembers are experts in their fields and take great pride in providing a first class, friendly and hospitable service to their guests in the hope that their “Blue Voyage” with you becomes a long-held and treasured memory.

Crew accommodations and their facilities are separate from those of our guests.