Day 1

Transport from Dalaman Airport to your yacht in Göcek Harbour. When all the members have arrived on board the captain will offer you a welcome cocktail and give some information about the cruise.


Day 2
After breakfast we’ll depart on a southerly course for Kadırga Bay. After lunch in the day we set sails for Semihce Bay, our anchoage for the night.


Day 3

In the morning a small river boat will come and fetch us for an excursion into delta of Dalyan river. First we will be taken to the ruins of ancient Caunos and then we will go upriver to the sulphur mud baths which are great fun. On our return into the delta, we may spend some time on the exctensive sandy beaches of Dalyan and bathe in the shallows there before the boat takes us back to our yacht.


Day 4
We are going to pull anchor very early in the morning so that we may catch the strong wind which is usually blowing off Dalaman beach in the first hours of the day. There will be a lunch stop in Kuyruk Bay and then we will sail to Gemili Island. That’s an island to the taste of any explorers amongs you.


Day 5
Today’s destination is the little harbour of Kalkan which we will reach at some time in the afternoon. There we will have the change to rent a minibus which will take us to Xanthos once the most important town Celcya and then to the ancient holyplace Letoon and last of all to Patara a Lycian Harbour town half buried under huge sand dune.


Day 6
Today we will set course for Kekova with its wealth of beautiful bays and islands many of them with its traces of constant inhabitation for more than 2000 years. Through the clear water you can recognize ancient ruins at the bottom of the sea or you can feast your eyes on the impressive castle which Lycians have built, Romans have enlarged and Seljuks have restored. For the night we will anchor at Gökkaya little bay on the eastern tip of Kekova Island.


Day 7
In the morning we will pull anchor for an excursions to ancient Myra with its Lycian rock tombs and its great, Roman theatre and to the church of St. Nicolaus in Myra/Demre. Then a minibus will take us to beautiful Arycanda a Lycian town built on seven terraces high up in the mountains. On our way down, we will stop by a fish farm and purchase fresh mountain trout for tonight’s dinner.


Day 8
This day is mainly dedicated to swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing in the quiet bays of Kekova. In the afternoon we will go on to Kas, a quiet little Mediterranean town. There we will stay for the night and explore the many tiny souvenir shops and nice little bars with live music.


Day 9
Today we are going to spend other more time than usual underway at sea because we have to cover a distance of 60 SM to our destination the famous lagoon Ölüdeniz with its turquoise water and snow-white beach. For the night we will drop anchor in one of the nearby coves and have a barbecue on the beach.


Day 10
After breakfast we will set course for Fethiye Bay. In the evening we will make fast in the marina of Fethiye. The town is a lively touristic center with many shops and open air restaurants bodering the streets. Of course there is also a disco. The Lycian graves in the rock wall in back of the town, amongs them the tomb of Prince Amyntas constitute a striking contrast to the modern architecture of today’s Fethiye.

Day 11

On the day we will set sail for Tersane Island. Many centuries ago the people of this region built their wooden ships here click for more info. You can still see the ruins of the ancient shipyard. Later in the day we will sail on to Göcek our anchorage for the night.

Day 12
There is such a wealth of beautiful little bays many of them with the forest coming down to the edge of the water that is not easy to choose among them. We will simply unfurl the sails and leave the decision to the wind.

Day 13

Our last stop within Fethiye bay is Disibilmez. That’s a paradise for snorkelling fans.People who are fond of hiking one attracted by Agalimani and the hilly forrested country surrounding it.

Day 14

After breakfast we leave Göcek for Kargı Bay, a beautiful place where we will spend ample time for swimming, snorkelling, wind-surfing in the afternoon we ll arrive to Göcek harbour…