Day 1
Transfer from Dalaman Airport to your yacht in Marmaris Harbour. When all members of your group have arrived, the captain will offer you a welcome cocktail and give some information about the cruise. The first night we will stay in Marmaris Harbour so that you will have ample time to get to know this friendly little town and maybe participate in its nightlife.

Day 2
After breakfast we depart from Marmaris to Kadırga Bay. There you may occupy yourself most pleasently with swimming, snorkelling and wind – surfing while the crew prepare lunch. In the afternoon we’ll sail on to Sere Harbour which is not a harbour at all but a little bay in by mountains. The oldest ancient ship ever to be savaged has been found here. That’s where we stay for our second night on board.

Day 3
Today we are setting sail for the Bay of Bozburun. You are welcome to try your hand at managing the ship under full sails, under the guidance of skipper. Bozburun is a quite little fishing village. It is used to be the center of spongle picking along the Turkish coast, but nowadays people there earn their living in a much less dangerous way by building the typical broad-beamed wooden boats called “GULETTES”. For swimming and snorkelling around the underwater ruins in the bay we stop first at Kizilcaada Island and then make fast at the village jetty for night.

Day 4
On this day we’ll push deep into Hisarönü Gulf and anchor for lunch in Selimiye Bay. Behind the village there is an ancient acropolis, crowned by the ruins of a medieval castle. Further up in the hills there is a waterfall you might like to visit. In the afternoon we will continue on to Orhaniye, another lovely bay surrounded woody mountains. The entrance to the bay is commanded by a medieval fortress on a rocky island.

Day 5
After breakfast we are going to cross over to the northern coast of the gulf. There we will first stop at Bencik Bay, a narrow inlet which cuts the Datça Peninsula almost in half. Our destination for the day is Datça several sailing hours away to the west from Bencik. Datça is rapidly developing from a sleepy village into a hospitable touristic center. A side from the fun you can have in town the windsurfing is especially good in Datça Bay

Day 6
We are going to start quite early in the morning, with a sailing breakfast being served when we are well under way. Our route leads us into Greek waters gdv5x5s. We’ll pass through a narrow channel with very clear water between the islands Simi and Nisos and then reenter Turkish waters in order to reach the ancient harbour of Loryma on the south coast of Bozburun Peninsula. Loryma with its impressive ruins and its turquoise water is very attractive.

Day 7

After a leisurely breakfast we’ll set sail for Arab Island. Here we’ll enjoy the sea throughly for the last time on the cruise. With the setting sun we will enter Marmaris Harbour.

Day 8

After breakfast you ll live from the boat…